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Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatments

Moss Treatments, Debris Removal & Gutter Cleaning

Oregon’s Best Moss Removal Service

Safe & Effective Roof Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning of tile and metal roofs on your Salem property can extend their life by many years. Improper roof cleaning of these specialized roof metals can cause damage to a valuable and expensive part of your home. The asphalt shingle roof, also known as the three-tab, is also easy to damage if it’s cleaned incorrectly. Salem’s top roof cleaners are trained to handle each type of shingle as well as the roof beneath. Hiring a professional company to clean your roof and gutters and perform moss removal services keeps you safe, improves your home’s appearance, and extends the life of the roof.

Salem OR Roof Moss Removal & Treatment | Tile & Metal Roof Cleaning

Roof Moss Removal Specialists

Moss can block roof gutters and drains, leading to roof rot. Ask any homeowner in Salem, roof moss removal and treatment requires delicate skills and the use of the right equipment. As Salem’s best roof moss treatment company, we will ensure that the job is done right and you stay safe. If you decide to climb on a mossy roof to inspect it for yourself, please exercise extreme caution.

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We Clean All Types Of Roofs

Composite Roof Cleaning

We provide specialized roofing services such as composition roof shingle cleaning and roof repair to ensure that Salem residents enjoy the advantages of a long-lasting, dry, strong, and reliable composition roof.


Tile Roofs

Keeping the tiles clean and free from debris is essential to keeping your house insulated, preventing water damage, and adding aesthetic value to a home. But when you live in an area that gets lots of precipitation like Salem, tile roof cleaning comes with physical risk. Fear not. We are the best tile roof cleaning company in Salem, with years of experience and the right equipment to get the job done right.

Metal Roof Cleaning

Metal roofs are the most durable of all types of roofs and require less frequent cleanings. However, they do need to be cleaned every 5-7 year to avoid algae buildup and prevent rusting. Pressure washing is our standard method for cleaning metal roofs in Salem. However, we can also remove any roof debris and clean gutters once a year or as requested.

Cedar Shingles Cleaning

Cedar shingles can lose their luster over time, so it is important to maintain them. Our roof cleaning and maintenance services in Salem include a thorough cleaning, protective sealant application, and a complete inspection. Our restoration program offers a cost-effective solution for roof maintenance, ensuring that your roof lasts for many years. This process is also applicable to cleaning decks, fences, or cedar siding.