Professional Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Services.

First class professional power washing services.

First class professional gutter cleaning services.

First class professional exterior siding cleaning services.

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Professional Roof Cleaning &
Moss Removal Services

First Class Professional
Power Washing Services

First Class Professional
Gutter Cleaning Services

First Class Professional
Exterior Siding Cleaning Services


Oregon’s Premier Roof & Exterior Cleaning Company

Roof Cleaning & Moss Treatment

Roof Cleaning consists of multiple options in Moss Control, Treatment, and Removal. We recommend the safest gentlest option to clean-treat your roof.

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Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

Gutter cleaning is an important service for the maintenance of your home or building. If water is not draining properly, it can cause leaks and water damage. We can clear your gutters and perform most repairs.

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Pressure Washing

We can pressure wash driveways, sidewalks, decks, siding and other surfaces. We have excellent equipment and trained technicians.

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Recurring Maintenance

Eliminate the hassle of tracking when you need your gutters cleaned or trying to remembers when the last time you had the roof cleaned. We’ll take care of it for you.



Over several years I routinely asked my customers through surveys and customer reviews what they wanted most out of their contractor. I did this because I truly want to own and operate the best roof cleaning company in the area. What I heard from my customers wasn’t surprising; in fact, it’s exactly what I look for when I need work done on my own home. The top 3 things that our clients wanted most were:

1.) To be commitment to performing a high quality job

2.) To be fair in our pricing

3.) To be happy with our services i.e. provide a high level of customer service.

In honor to these 3 simple principles, we at Referred Roof Cleaning believe in following the Platinum Rule “Treat others the way they want to be treated” and so, our mission can be summarized in our motto: “High Quality, Fair Price, Happy Customers”


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Recent Customer Reviews

"Highly recommend Jaffet from Referred Roof Cleaning. Every step of the process was great. He's a great communicator so you know what to expect. He was on time & efficient with his work. We've paid 2x as much before. Preferred the experince with Jaffet to any of the other services we've used. Great customer service."

Sharon R.  11/10/2018
Sharon R.

"Great work, and excellent service!"

Robert H.  05/14/2019
Robert H.

"Jaffet was prompt and courteous. He explained the entire process and cleaned up thoroughly. My roof looks great."

Karen H.  11/18/2018
Karen H.

"Easy to work with. Prompt and efficient. Will be reaching out to again in the future. Thank you !"

Nathan K.  03/19/2019
Nathan K.

"Jaffet at Referred Roof Cleaning responds right away to emails and phone calls, and was able to schedule us in within days. The roof looked great and I would definitely use Referred Roof Cleaning again!"

Jean S.  03/17/2019
Jean S.

"Jaffet was super professional, great communication, and a pleasure to work with. His price was fair and reasonable. I would definitely work with him again!"

Jennifer J.  02/14/2019
Jennifer J.

"Excellent workmanship and service at a very reasonable price."

Bob T.  05/13/2019
Bob T.