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Gutter Cleaning Service

Prevent Siding & Foundation Damage With Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Oregon’s Best Gutter Cleaning Service

Clogged gutters and downspouts could cause damage to your home’s foundations, roof, exterior trim, crawlspace and basements that can amount to thousands of dollars. It can also lead to erosion in your yard and damage to your landscaping. Referred Roof Cleaning provides professional gutter cleaning services in Salem. Debris removal from downspouts and gutters is recommended at least twice annually. It is best to check your gutters after heavy wind or rain, because this is when they are most used.

Living in the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest means that gutters must be properly functioning to protect your property. To prevent water damage to buildings, it is important to manage water runoff properly. We thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts in the Salem area in order to provide protection against the most severe winter rainstorms. Prices are determined by the length of the job and the difficulty.

We also inspect and clean downspouts, removing any debris during every gutter cleaning. Clogs that are located underground typically require a roto-rooter service to clear, although we will clear if possible.

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Why should I have my Gutters Cleaned?​


The accumulation of leaves and other debris can block your gutters. This will prevent water from flowing to the downspouts properly, which in turn causes water to overflow the gutters. Roof rot can occur if your gutters and downspouts are not regularly cleaned and cleared of debris. As the most trusted gutter cleaning service in Salem, we can schedule regular gutter debris removal.


If gutters are not maintained and become clogged, water can overflow from the top, and drain down along siding to the foundation. If the foundation becomes wet from the excess water, it will freeze, leading to cracks and crevices. This can cause severe structural damage and even structural failure in extreme cases. Scheduling regular downspout and gutter cleaning on your Salem home is a much easier and cheaper plan.


Mold can develop in your attic if your gutters are full of leaves and other debris. Water is more likely to follow the path that is least restrictive. If the water isn’t able to flow properly through the downspouts it will seep into your roof structure, and eventually into your attic. This can cause a mold problem which can quickly multiply thanks to the prolific nature spores.


If you have clogged gutters with debris on your Salem home, this can be seen as a breeding ground for many insects, such as birds, squirrels, or mosquitoes. This is why it is important to get your gutters cleaned by Salem’s best roof and exterior house cleaning company, clearing any potential nesting sites for unwanted pests.


Clogged gutters can also cause water to overflow from the gutters and drip onto garden beds. This is bad for plants and harmful to the health of your garden. Too much water can also cause foundation problems.


Your gutters can hold water if they become blocked. Water is heavy, and gutters were not designed to carry that weight. We see it every day. One day, our Salem gutter cleaning team visited a house that had downspouts clogged with debris, only to find that the brackets of the gutters had been bent, damaged, and detached from carrying too much weight.

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Avoid Damage

We can help you avoid expensive damage and repairs by keeping your gutters clean and clear with our comprehensive gutter cleaning and debris removal service in Salem, OR.

Hand Cleaning

We remove all debris from gutters and clean out any clogs by hand. We then inspect your downspouts to ensure that your gutters can operate at their maximum capacity.

Maintenance Plan

We recommend gutter cleaning and downspout debris removal services every six to twelve months. Setup a regular Maintenance Plan to take the worry out of scheduling.

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