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Roof Restoration Spray

Extends The Life Of Your Roof By Years!

Granular in your gutters?

This means your roof deterioration is accelerating

Granular is the first line of defense for your shingle and once lost cannot be replaced.  You can however prevent the loss of these granulars by adding back in the lost petroleum oils using Bright Green Roof’s Rejuvenation Spray.

Each spray comes with a 5 year warranty and can be applied up to 3 times for a total of 15 years of added life! Done correctly, this means your 25 year roof is now a 40 year roof!!!


(0% to 30% INTO LIFE)


(30% TO 60% INTO LIFE)


(60%+ INTO LIFE)

Every BGR quote gets a free ($250 value) detailed roof analysis by our in-house, licensed roof inspector, to determine if your roof is a good candidate for this technology. If your roof needs cleaning or repairs prior to a BGR spray, we will quote that out as part of the bid.

Costs in the Willamette Valley typically run about $1500 to $2500* depending on size, pitch, difficulty, and amount of spray needed per square foot.


Why spend tens of thousands on replacement when you can restore for a fraction of the cost?

*Roof must be clean and in good repair. Does not void insurance or roof warranty.

Referred Roof Cleaning is now a proud distributor of Bright Green Roof, a 100% plant-based roof rejuvenation oil that will halt the degradation of your composite roof for 5 years with warranty.* This oil can be applied up to 3 times to give a total of 15 years extra life to any composite roof that is still healthy enough for application.

Best of all… It’s affordable!

*Roof must be clean and in good repair. Does not void insurance or roof warranty.